A Series of Insights into Open Development

In September, Ruhiya and I gave a talk at IDRC’s Cairo office we titled, “insights on digital open development: from open development 1.0 to digital open development 2.0”. Originally we planned to discuss the early findings from our first attempt at synthesising across the 19 Open Data for Developing Countries research projects. However, in doing the synthesis we had a new insight that deepened our understanding of openness in development (the last of which actually came while jet-lagged and walking through London Heathrow airport, so perhaps we should be more skeptical about it…) So we changed the focus of the talk to be on the series of insights that we’ve gone through in our ongoing exploration of open development.

The response to the talk was quite positive, so we decided to blog about it. The talk was broken up into four sections, each of which we will detail in a single blog post:

  • 1.0: the open umbrella (provides an overview of the thinking up to the Open Development book)
  • 1.5a: practices make perfect (detailed a bit in the paper Being Open in ICT4D)
  • 1.5b: engagement
  • 2.0: back to the beginning

We hope you find it interesting and please give us lots of feedback!!

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